Instablog - Free Template Blogger for Blogs Wallpaper

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Instablog - Free Template Blogger for Blogs Wallpaper
Instablog - Free Template Blogger for Blogs Wallpaper

Instablog is a blogger template that has almost the same resemblance to the Instagram website. This blogger template is perfect for wallpaper blogs and data actor or artist profile. You can make a wallpaper blog easily like making picture posts like on Instagram using only blogger.

We also provide a like button on each of your image posts using third-party applications where this like button feature is not yet available directly from the blogger dashboard. Very easy template setup to provide assistance to those of you who are not code savvy.

And there are many more features that we provide in this template for you to use, see the complete feature list:

  • Not using jQuery
  • Fast loading template
  • Views are almost 98.75% the same as Instagram
  • Widget custom Profile Blogger
  • Button Like Post - API lyket
  • Fixed share box button
  • RTL Language Support
  • Optimize Design for Mobile
  • SEO Optimazed
  • Compatible with Blogger only
  • Icon SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Fixed Box comment New Blogger
  • Widget Comment with Avatar
  • Responsive design 100%
  • Infinite Scroll Post
  • Supports all Languages of Bloggers
  • Button follow for Blogger
  • Statistic Data Post Number & Comment Number

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You can support us by following the TemaBanua Instagram account and this website to encourage us to provide quality and free blogger templates.

We are currently not available to provide assistance services regarding free blogger templates, we will only support some of the template services we sell.

Sources and Credits :

  • Instagram Website Design
  • Blogger
  • Photos demo @selebgramindonesia

Change Log :

Version 1.0.0 - Februari 12, 2023 - Release
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  1. Jangan hanya asal download,setidaknya tinggalkan komentar dengan cara mengucapkan terima kasih ya.
  2. mantul bang rian, templatnya sangat mantap
    • Siap, terima kasih atas dukungannya
  3. Gila sih template nya mantull
    • Terima kasih atas dukungannya
  4. Terimakasih
  5. Bagus banget mirip profile instagram, sudah sejak dulu saya ingin yang seperti ini, beri aplouse untuk temabanua.

    • Terima kasih atas dukungannya, kita akan selalu memberikan yang terbaik untuk pengguna blogger.
  6. Mantap, terimakasih templatenya
    Maaf, untuk video yang di embed dan di upload kok g bisa di putar ya. Mohon koreksinya kalau salah cara postingnya
    • Emang tidak bisa diputar secara otomatis, bisa gunakan embed video dari Youtube