BStores - Online Store and Blog for Blogger

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BStores - Online Store and Blog for Blogger
Blogger Stores - Online Store for Blogger

Last Update: Version 2.9.0 – February 23, 2023

BStores shop is a theme for selling your products on blogspot. And you can sell all kinds of products at low cost because you don't have to pay for hosting and domains. This theme is also very easy to use, perfect for business people and housewives.

Blogger Stores - Online Store and Blogs for Blogger Blogger Stores - Online Store and Blogs for Blogger Blogger Stores - Online Store and Blogs for Blogger Blogger Stores - Online Store and Blogs for Blogger

Template Features

  • Lighthouse Theme Report – Test results 
  • Mobile Frendly | Responsive – Test results 
  • Schema Markup Valid 100% – Test results 
  • Fast Loading ThemeTest results 
  • Support Desainer Theme – Open 
  • No Code Understanding Required
  • Product Post Creation Tool - View
  • Dark Mode Button 
  • Font Google :
    • Roboto | 400 | 500 | 700
    • Poppins | 400 | 500 | 700
    • GB Museo Sans | 500 | 600 | 700
  • Icon SVG Type :
    • – Materials Designs Icon
    • – Getbootstrap Icon
  • API Instagram New
  • Header Sticky – True / False 
  • LinksList Menu Navigasi 
  • Slider Images Barner 
  • Widget Layout v.2 
  • Related Product 
  • Gallery Images Product | Lightbox 
  • Checkout Form order WhatsApp 
  • Widgets Livechat 
  • Contact form WhatsApp 
  • Contact Form Blogger 
  • Option Size Product 
  • Option Color 
  • Product Layout Newbie Frendly 
  • Page Error 404 / Error 
  • Search Search Page / Labels Page 
  • Pages Blogs for Writing 
  • Tab labels Descripsion and Informasion 
  • Coments System :
    • Blogger
    • API WidgetPack
  • System Status product Slod Out and Discount 
  • Footer link Atribute 

List Widget Blogger Customize : 

  • Contact Subcriber Emails – View Demo 
  • Contact Formulirs Bloggers – View Demo 
  • Widgets Profile Author User – View Demo 
  • Contact Form Widgets WhatsApp – View Demo 
  • Widgets Populart Post Product – View Demo 
  • Image Slider Barner on Homapage

Available Demo :

  • Template IDR Version - Live Demo
  • Template USD Version - Live Demo
  • Template QAR Version - Ready

v.1.0.0 - (11/04/2020) - Release
v.1.2.0 - (19/07/2020) - Fixed comments that can't reply - Changes to the latest version of blogger comment design - Fixed Desktop version of WhatsApp share button failure
v.1.3.0 - (24/07/2020) - Change the blogger layout code to the latest version 2 - Fixed Breadcrumbs the Error in the search console - Add theme designer fixtures (automatic template color) - Improvements to Porfomance template scores via the Lighthouse
v.2.0.0 - (21/08/2020) - Big update template - WhatsApp form text fix - Added Image feature in designer menu - Add blogger contact form - Added a widget about blogger admin - Improved display of the number of product posts on the home page - Additional feature can write a special article labeled 'Blog' - Instagram API / Token deletion error - Fixed 404 error page display & page search - Improved template value speed performance - Added drak mode button | dark theme look - Added product PopulartPost widget feature - Maximize the results of the lighthouse template value - JavaSript jQuery v3.5.1 (New) - Change the comment model to the blogger version
v.2.1.0 - (01/10/2020) - Fixed all SVG Icons as per data from live bloggger - Additional search widgets are laid out - Fixed the share button URL link error - Repair of meta index template data becomes automatic - Layout display improvements - Maximizing duplicate readable H1 tags on posting pages
v.2.2.0 - (09/11/2020) - Fixed the display of the mobile version of the purchase button section - Maximizing the rest of the CSS display
v.2.3.0 - (12/12/2020) - Additional product prices can be adjusted according to size - Improved the appearance of the Blogger contact widget & WhatsApp contacts - Change in single post product image display - Fixed JavaScript not working for WhatsApp's settings widget section - And some minor improvements in the CSS section
v.2.4.0 - (16/12/2020) - Fixed the display of part of the product post image that was not maximal - Added Wigdet API rating - Added Order Notification Widget - Remove Featured Image & Contact Widget from default - Changed the default comment model using WidgetPack - Fixed CSS uneven dark mode
v.2.5.0 - (31/12/2020) - Fixed ID Rating & ID Comments widget - Change the theme color to green - Added a Market pleace link - Changed the appearance of Breadcrumbs section - Changed the Roboto font to Poppins
v.2.6.0 - (24/01/2021) - Change in the appearance of the search field section - Change of iOS type search icon - Changes to the display of the drak mode button
v.2.7.0 - (03/02/2021) - Improvements to the next post button that does not appear on the product label page - Changes in the display text description automatically above the product - Added a "Send Message" button in product posts - The addition of the Next post & Previous post button in your writing section You may like these posts - The post display type label "Blog" appears on the front page of the template - Added Instagram API for Instagram account images - Added widget at the top of the template footer - And some change model icons
v.2.8.0 - (16/06/2022) - Fixed error search icon button - Fixed product image error
v.2.9.0 - (23/02/2023) - Improved appearance of the template neater - Change of search field design style - Change the template color to black - Improved the appearance of the purchase button for the part of the smartphone screen that is less responsive - Fixed floating header effect - Change of template font type - Changes in the display style of the Popular post widget - Change of payment widget settings
Regular License: $13.99
Included: remove footer link Included: lifetime updates template Included: unlimited domain Included: support from Developer
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  1. Mantab nih, pertama coba langsung ketagihan. Desain clean, simple dan minimalis nggak ribet mas. #Terbaik
  2. tema Banua , bagus
  3. desainnya bagus, responsive. Tampilan web nya bersih rapih.
  4. Bagi yang ingin memberikan masukan, silahkan untuk menulisnya dikolom komentar
  5. tolong masukkan fitur multi produk cekout to wa
    • Tunggu aja update akan datang, sudah masuk rencana
  6. Wow.. looking good Themes... Finally Buy THANK YOU RIANSEO & TEMABANUA you are So cool themes provider sir....

    Thank you so Much ... Love You...
  7. mantaaaabb
  8. it's checkout menu is not working
    • It's work sir!!!
  9. rating is not working.
    • The server for the rating function is having problems again
  10. rating section not working can you fix kit?
    • Can't, because we are not the maker rating