Last Update: Version 3.4.0 – November 12, 2021

Viospaper Pro is a Blogger (Blogspot) theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!

There have been many changes that we made from this template data structure, starting from the beginning of making the first version, until now it has entered the second version. Where is the update of the appearance of the blogger's Viospaper Pro template we have changed it on a large scale.

This theme is very suitable to be used to provide local information, viral, tips and Youtubers to provide the latest news. You can set up a news site at a fairly low cost.

Viospaper Pro - Best Theme Blogger for Magazine
Viospaper Pro - Best Theme Blogger for Magazine
Viospaper Pro - Best Theme Blogger for Magazine
Viospaper Pro - Best Theme Blogger for Magazine
Viospaper Pro - Best Theme Blogger for Magazine

Blogger Theme Features:

  • Full Responsive 100%
  • SEO Optimaze Google
  • Mobile Frendly Valid
  • Struktur Valid 100%
  • Valid Schema Marcup
  • Fast Loading
  • Support Desainer Theme
  • Costum Page Eror 404 – Check
  • Support Multi Language from Blogger
  • New Code Wigdets v2
  • Ads Ready Optimaze
    • Ads header
    • Ads Post Homepage
    • Ads Post Wigdet
  • Layout for Newbie
  • Fixed Menu Navigasi
    • Mega Menu on Desktop
    • Slider Menu on Mobile
  • Search Form
  • FeaturedPost Wigdet Custom Design
    • Recent Post with Labels
    • Featured Image with Labels
  • Widget Custom List
    • Widget API Weather from
    • Widget Calender
    • Wigdet Breaking News with Slider
  • Breadcums valid
  • Customize Font Google
    • Font Roboto
    • Font Open Sans
  • Full Customize Theme – Background image & Width size theme
  • Support Icon
    • Icon SVG
    • Icon FontAwesome
  • Lazyload Images JavaScript
  • Framework
    • jQuery –
    • OwlCarousel –
  • No coding skills required
  • Footer Widget Menu
  • Wigdet Icon Sosial Media – Topbar, Sidebar & Footer
  • Wigdet Stikcy Sidebar – Desktop only
  • Related Post
  • Author Box Design
  • Post type Video Youtobe Responsive
  • Bottun Next and Previus
  • Share Botton Media
    • Facebook share
    • Twitter share
    • Telegram share
    • WhatsApp share
  • New Comments Blogger

7 Demo Pro - Template fully customizable

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We personally respond to all requests we receive and we try to help everyone. Please visit our support page.

Viospaper Pro is the #1 selling News theme Blogger, Make sure you buy this theme officially only at :), so you can get official template updates from the developer. You can see the list of theme updates below.


- v.1.0 (04 Maret 2019) - Add Mega Menu - Add Wigdet Breaking News

- v.1.1 – v.1.2 (06 Maret 2019): - Fixed color menu Navigasi - Add Widget slot Ads - Add Wigdet data post view

- v.1.3 – 1.5 (06 Maret 2019) - Fixed Menu Navigasi on Mobile - Change Position Featured Post - Fixed design widget Populart Posts - Fixed Position Icon Menu di Mobile - Fixed Position Logo on Mobile - Fixed Design Homepage

- v.1.6 (07 Maret 2019) - Fixed CSS Widget Label List - Fixed CSS Color font

- v.1.7 (08 Maret 2019) - Fixed design Featured Post not Responsive - Fixed design widget related posts - Add new featured button Next and Previus

- v.1.8 (09 Maret 2019) - Fixed Widget Author Box with Icons Sosial Media - Change Position Related Post label on Top - Change design share Bottom - Fixed wigdet Footer with 3 coloms

- v.1.9 (10 Maret 2019) - Add LinkList Top Header - Fixed Breadcrumb with icon FontAwesome - Fixed Thumbanil Images the Post - Fixed Images Slider design Mobile

- v.2.2(16 Juni 2019) - Change codes layout new version 2 blogger - Fixed schema color Does not work - Add JavaScript Lazyload Image - Fixed design layout

- v.2.5(24 Juni 2019) - Change design featured images new version - Fixed design pupolart post used date - Fixed design menu footer - Add new widget logo version mobile

- v.2.6(2 Januari 2020) - Change design featured images - Fixed an error in the breadcums code - Fixed design mega menu

- v.2.6.6 (27 Maret 2020) - Fixed template speed scores through GTMetrix - Template settings made easy through the layout - Improvements to the appearance of a messy layout - Improved template code tidier - Meta change tag template

- v.2.6.7 (01 April 2020) - Improvements to the Mobile version of the blog logo that do not appear - Breaking news link settings can be arranged via layout - Improved display layout is better

- v.2.6.8 (20 Mie 2020) - Add featured mode dark

- v.2.6.9 (13 Juli 2020) - Remove featured mode dark - Fixed CSS design layout

- v.3.0.0 (20 November 2020) - Total change of all template code - Text themes Support all languages from default blogger - Remove icon FontAwesome - Change design widget breaking news - JavaScript lazyload new version - Change new bottun icon search - Change design search with new style - Background color menu version mobile Can be changed in the menu desainer theme - The social media icon appears on the mobile version in the slider menu - Displays the year number on the calendar widget - Add new widget weather forecast with API - Displays page layout with the latest model

- v.3.1.0 (12 Februari 2021) - Fixed error WhatsApp, Telegram & Twitter share buttons - Easier to arrange Post Label Widget in layout - Fixed the appearance of the front page section template - Add a footer template section using the customizable image in the template designer menu - Improvements to CSS & JavaScript in some recent post widget displays

- v.3.2.0 (24 Juni 2021) - Fixed the display of the share button to be Responsive on the Mobile screen size - Added an image of the author's admin icon in the post page section - Fixed breaking news widget display which was covered in white background - Added a tag / label button link at the end of the post

- v.3.3.0 (20 Agustus 2021) - Improved display template at 800px & 1080px size to be Responsive - Changed the latest version of the search icon - Fixed wrong search field position - Mobile version navigation menu becomes floating/fixed - Fixed Youtube video icon in the thumbnail section not showing - And some other CSS appearance changes

- v.3.4.0 (12 November 2021) - JavaScript code change for Featured post, Related post & Recent post widget - Fixed blurry blogger image hosting to the latest version - Fixed the template performance value of the report - SEO template meta tag code change - Easier widget template settings - And some minor fixes in the CSS code section
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Name: Viospaper Pro Version: 3.4.0 Developer: @rian_seo Free Version: Available Premium Version: Available Online Documentation: Available File Type: ZIP & RAR File
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Last Update
Created 27 Maret 2019
Layout Responsive
Widget V3 Ready Yes
Compatible With Blogger
Theme Files Documentasi, HTML Files, CSS Files, JavaScript Files
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Layout responsive, grid, magazine, minimalis, simple
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Viospaper Pro v.3.4.0 for Blogs and Magazine

Template Blogger majalah terbaik dan paling banyak digunakan. Update template akan didapatkan setelah melakukan pembelian.

Keuntungan yang didapat :

  • Dukungan dari perancang
  • Gratis update template selamanya
  • Link footer dapat dihapus

Syarat & Ketentuan :

  • Dilarang dibagikan ulang & dijual ulang

Harga Promo - Rp.200.000 - Rp.100.000